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Outstanding Millennial Scholarship

I am really excited about the banquet this year set for May 21st at Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo. I am sure you will be equally excited about it. The Theme for the Twelfth Annual MPAC-WNY Banquet this year is “The American Muslim Millennial: Leading the Way”.  Based on this theme, representative American Muslim Millennials from Western New York will be honored at the banquet. We are blessed with a number of high achieving youth in our community. The selection for such honorees, as you might imagine, will not be easy. Hence, we need everyone’s help to reach out to our millennials.

I am writing to you to recommend special youth for recognition this year. Here are the guidelines and criteria for selection of such Muslim Youth millennial honorees. The criteria were initially developed by Sister Saima Fayyaz and Sister Josephine Siddiqui. Each candidate or applicant will be evaluated on the following achievements:


  • Demonstrates academic excellence (e.g. receiving medals/awards, participates in school clubs and academic competitions or publications);
  • High School Student must be in honor roll and reflect emphasis on academics;


  • Demonstrates professional competency and advanced achievements in respective profession;
  • Recognition by peers and professional society/organization;


  • Individual holds leadership position in school, sports team, school club or professional organization. Is dependable and resourceful in applying principles for  problem  solving;
  • Exercises positive  influence on peers and  is able to delegate responsibilities;
  • Is leader in school, professional and community activities Exemplifies a positive attitude, confidence and is a role model for others;


  • Demonstrates initiative in promoting school, professional and community activities;
  • Volunteers and provides dependable and dedicated assistance to the needy in our community;
  • Works well with others (A team player) and actively participates in activities outside of school or professional organization (e.g. affiliated with youth groups, Mosque or Islamic/Muslim organization, and/or volunteer services for aged, poor, or disadvantaged);


  • Upholds Islamic principles and shows respect and courtesy to all;
  • Has dealt adversity with courage, poise and perseverance;
  • Takes criticism willingly, accepts responsibility and recommendations graciously;
  • Individual exemplifies desirable qualities of personality (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, honesty, reliability) and inspires positive behavior in others;

Apart from the selection criteria and guidelines listed above, here are some of the considerations that will factor into this selection:

  • General age group under consideration will be 16-28 years (High School, College, Professional School or Young Professional);
  • This year, being the first year, 2-4 honorees will be considered;
  • Honoree must be a “Buffalonian (WNYer)”. A Buffalonian currently attending an out of town school will be considered;
  • Gender equality will be maintained to the extent possible;
  • Honorees will be from different ethnic heritage to the extent possible;
  • Each honoree should be a proud Muslim and a proud American;

The candidates selected for the award will be:

  • Invited as MPAC-WNY guests to the MPAC-WNY Banquet on May 21st.
  • Presented with the award at the banquet;
  • Each honoree will receive Recognition(s) and cash award or scholarship for next academic year;

The above suggested guidelines shall be complementary to each other and not taken in isolation. The idea is to have a holistic approach and not dwell on one achievement. A selection committee will convene to review all the applications and make recommendation for final decision by the MPAC-WNY Executive Board.

You are strongly urged to recommend candidates for consideration ASAP with all the necessary documentation based on the above criteria. Letters of recommendation (maximum of three) are encouraged. Please forward your recommendation or the application with all the necessary documentation to MPAC-WNY, 6343 Transit Road, Depew, NY  14043 OR email the completed forms to wny@mpac.org.

The deadline for receipt of applications is midnight of Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Application Outstanding Muslim Millennial Application. April 2016

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