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Highlights for 2017

Some of the highlights of MPAC activities this calendar year are below:

  • M-RAISE (MPAC-Research and Academic Initiative for Student Excellence) Academic Assistance Program. Twice a week for students 9-12th grades, held at ICA-WNY 444 Connecticut Street with additional participation from Canisius College.
  • Williamsville School District training. Completed district wide eighteen (18) Cultural Sensitivity Trainings to cover entire district teachers, administrators and staff.
  • 16th Annual the Understanding Islam Series. Every Sunday in February with Westminster Presbyterian Church. This year we covered Contributions of Muslims to the Culture, impact of Muslim millennials, Protecting Religious Freedom and Immigrants in a Trump Era.
  • 12th Annual Tent of Abraham & 9th Annual Walk of Abraham. Successfully completed the “Walk” from the North Presbyterian Church to Islamic Center followed by the “Tent” for Iftar with the interfaith community. As always cash contributions (Matched by MPAC) and non-perishable food and supplies were collected and donated to the NRC Food Pantry and Refugees. A very important program and initiative for outreach to wider community on behalf of Muslims of WNY.
  • 2017 MPAC Soccer Tournament organized and sponsored by MPAC-WNY will be held in Front Park in downtown Buffalo after Eid Prayer on Sunday (June 25). You are cordially invited to attend along with your family to encourage the Muslim youth from across WNY. Trophies will be given to champions at the end around 4 PM.
  • Invited Lectures. MPAC-WNY continues with active and engaging lectures series, seminars and other presentations in area institutions including Twentieth Century Club, Rotary International, Religious Institutions and other civic groups across the region. Over the July 4th weekend, MPAC-WNY Founding President, Prof. Dr. Khalid J. Qazi, is invited to give key-note address titledCelebrating the Genius and Soul of a Nation” on Monday July 3rd at Chautauqua Institution. Here is the link:  http://www.ciweb.org/calendar/eventdetail/3634/khalid-j-qazi
  • BRIDGES Program. These are regular meeting arranged and organized by MPAC-WNY in cooperation with the US Attorney for WNY for the benefit of all sections of the Muslim Community across WNY. Officials from Departments of Justice and Home Land Security (Including key agencies like CBP, TSA, ICE, DEA, Secret Service, DEA, law enforcement from local, state and federal level (including FBI) as well as other officials like, NYS Attorney General’s Office and other heads of agencies meet with the Muslim leadership to discuss and mitigate local issues regarding Muslim community. MPAC-WNY and The US Attorney co-hosts this meeting. Last meeting was held on May 15.
  • Meetings with local representatives. Meetings with Rep. Chris Collins (R) and Rep. Brian Higgins (D) to review the current issues and concerns regarding Muslims and community at large.
  • Annual meeting with Buffalo News Publisher and the Editorial Board. We held this year’s meeting in May. This interactive meeting discussed and reviewed the current local and national issues and our community’s contributions, engagement strategies, expectations and the needs.
  • Keeping families together. MPAC advocated for and supported resolution SB 54’s passage in California Senate to help keep vulnerable immigrant families together and lead in the sanctuary movement in order to protect the civil liberties of all Americans.
  • Protecting travel rights.MPAC filed legal briefs to overturn the two Muslim Bans that emanated from the Presidential Executive Orders to protect the fundamental constitutional rights of travel and speech of American Muslims and ensure that all Americans enjoy the same civil liberties rather than based on a religious litmus test.
  • Countering hate.MPAC worked with Senator Kamala Harris and EmgageUSA to DRAFT and PASS the US Senate Bill to counter hate crimes against Muslims, Jews and other minorities and to hold perpetrators accountable ensuring equitable policies towards all Americans.
  • Promoting solidarity. MPAC co-authored an op-ed with leading Jewish organization J-Street  in response to hate crimes against Jews and Muslims to help promote peace and understanding amongst the faith communities and to stand in solidarity in the face of bigotry.

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