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Looking to the Future: The Advantages of Being Proactive

The past week has been big for Islamophobia. Franklin Graham recently came out against a proposed Muslim prayer space in Orlando’s airport. Governor Scott Walker claimed that there are, in fact, a “handful of reasonable” Muslims. A US District Court in New York convicted a man for attempting to obtain a radioactive device to target Muslims. So, yes, Islamophobia is ...

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Julian Bond: A Life of Service to Emulate

Last week the country lost a giant from the Civil Rights Movement. Julian Bond died in Florida at the age of 75. Those striving for equality will find in Bond’s life a wealth of knowledge on the values of patience and standing for principle. Bond founded some of the most important organizations that have affected the march towards equality in ...

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Enough with the Scapegoating: An Analysis of the G.O.P. Primary Debate

The first Republican Primary debate was a frustrating experience for many American Muslims as there seemed to be silence on issues surrounding our community. The words “Muslims” or “Islam” were only mentioned when candidates discussed acts of terrorism, thereby demonstrating the close-minded perceptions of certain candidates towards our community. There were also a host of xenophobic and targeted remarks made ...

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Building a United Front Against Discrimination

In the past week, at least two African American individuals were killed by police officers for basic traffic violations and four Confederate flags were placed on the grounds of a historical African American church. While a number of spokesmen from the African-American community have openly condemned these acts, including some Muslims within that community, other non-African American minority groups have ...

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Why the U.S. Must Heed Palestine’s Call for Religious Freedom

The recent raid of the Al-Aqsa mosque demonstrates the daily reality of Muslim and Christian Palestinians as they are unsafe and restricted in the practicing of their faiths. The right-wing Israeli government and settler movement have actively taken measures to ensure that Palestinians are unable to engage with their religious community and, as a result, are made to feel isolated ...

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ACTION ALERT: Urge White House to Take Leadership on Syrian Crisis

Dear Friend — The Syrian people need your help! The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), along with a coalition consisting of the nation’s leading human rights, humanitarian, refugee and faith-based organizations are urging the White House to address the current Syrian refugee crisis and our country’s response to it. Specifically, the coalition is calling on the White House to take a “Treat ...

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The Iran Deal: End of American Exceptionalism

Iran nuclear deal

At the end of the Cold War, the magnitude and reach of U.S. influence could neither be denied nor contested by the international community. The Soviet Union, the only other superpower, had collapsed, which meant there no longer existed a check on the U.S.’s ability to extend its influence. With the U.S. dominating all major international institutions, maintaining the world’s ...

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Call it what it is: The Srebrenica Genocide


Twenty years after the worst atrocity in Europe since World War II, the world hoped that the United Nations would finally unanimously acknowledge the loss of 8,000 Muslim lives in Srebrenica as a genocide. Instead, Russia vetoed the bill and four other states abstained, thereby demonstrating that a third of the states present in the Security Council did not feel ...

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As We Start Last Week of Ramadan


Asalam-Alaikum:   Happy Ramadan once again. As you well now, it’s a time to recommit ourselves to our faith and our community , to spend time in prayers, supplications and it’s a time for self-discipline, spiritual renewal, uplifting of the less fortunate amongst.May Allah accept our prayers and service to our community (Ameen)In relation to Zakah, Quran says: “The offering ...

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A Great Leap Backward: The Persecution of the Uyghurs


The Chinese government has feared that its Uyghur population, which is primarily Muslim, would pose an internal threat to the nation by continuing its calls for independence, in addition to being “susceptible to extremist ideology.” Thus, the government decided that it needed to launch a campaign to restrict the religious practices of this minority as means of integrating them into ...

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